Landscped Garden Area. Best Wedding Venues in Delhi. For Booking, Call Nitin Joshi at 8750587587


Landscped Garden Area. Best Wedding Venues in Delhi. For Booking, Call Nitin Joshi at 8750587587

The red letter day of your life comes alive with us just the way you imagine it to be. M&C offers personalized and strictly professional services to our clientele offering them the widest array of exquisite, top quality and remarkable services!


Air conditioned banquet halls in Delhi

Cocktail parties are synonymous to thrill, excitement and extravagance! We at Nitin Joshi Cuisines ensure nothing less as we develop and design cocktail parties such that it appeases your senses and offer you a blissful respite from the world.


Masterscaterers have  an exclusive place for wedding, corporate events, intimate gatherings and spectacular parties all year round.

Business relationships our important; as is ours with you, so is yours with your clients. We give you the best so that you give them the best. It’s a win-win situation and that’s how we see it.

Theme Party

Best reception venue in Delhi

If you belong to the league of adventure lovers, the ones who love to experiment and go unique, this one’s for you! Go as wild and bold as masquerades or keep it spooky with Halloween, or keep a simple color theme or a theme that transcends eras like the retro with M&C theme parties.

Private party

Delectable Cuisines by Amit Dua

Private parties are our favorite because we get to see the mingling of love and togetherness when families and friends meet up and celebrate! M&C organizes private parties for any and every occasion as we believe that life is too short not to cherish special moments. Be it your anniversary, birthday, bachelorette or nothing at all and just a mood for a get together, M&C will organize the way you want it.

Niche Events

Banquet halls in Kapashera, New Delhi. For Booking, Call Nitin Joshi at 8750587587

We at M&C specialize in holding and effectively managing high profile niche events. We are well appreciated in the market for our extravagance and hard efforts to deliver you the results you have drawn for us.